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It is not the amount of consumers; it is their drive and motivation, which we want to explore. What exactly makes the difference of the product concept or the advertising medium? Which optimization approaches are resulting for this purpose? According to which rules does your product category ‘function’? Which barriers do the respective non-users of your products have? Which ideas for line extensions is the result for your brand?


We like to transgress borders. In Europe and in the whole world. Since years, we conduct quantitative and qualitative overseas studies - from Erkrath/ Düsseldorf and on site- for international brand manufacturers or other institutes. We have already conducted studies in up to 16 countries in parallel.


Our data. Our recommendation. Your decision. In how far are the quality standards of your call-center abided? How satisfied are your clients with the amount of your field service visits? How big is the potential of your next new product? Which product characteristic is the most important one regarding which target group? Which impact does a price decrease or increase have? How many persons have comprehended the key message of your TV spots?